Beethoven Lodge Amanzimtoti is your home away from home!

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About Us

Your comfort is our goal. We have created a restful retreat that you can think of as your home away from home when you’re in the area. We offer services for any traveler, whether you’re on business or your journey is for pleasure. When you plan your visit, consider us for your stay. Please feel free to visit our Facebook page Beethoven Lodge Amanzimtoti.

Our Rooms

We are conveniently located, and our rooms feature beautiful décor and all the amenities you could need. We have made it easy and safe to reserve and pay online - contact us now!

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Our Staff

Our friendly and helpful staff will make sure you have a comfortable and enjoyable stay. This is our home, and it's our mission to help you feel at home too!

                                                                                             Customer Reviews 

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